Kim Taylor’s Final Day at the Norrbotten Media Week

Yesterday was Kim’s last full day in beautiful Lulea, Sweden and at Norrbotten Media Week. Kim spent the first part of her day visiting with local entrepreneurs at the university in Lulea. They shared their experiences and challenges in starting and running their own businesses. Kim was happy to offer her knowledge on how small businesses can grow and become successful.

Kim then joined the Norrbotten Media Week organizers and Swedish band, The Magnettes, in a web conference with the Austin House of Songs. This week, Swedish artists traveled to Austin to work on collaborative projects between international artists. The House of Songs has partnered with the City of Austin’s Music Division to strengthen the international musical community through cultural exchange.

House of Songs

Artists at the House of Songs in Austin, TX webchatting with the Norrbotten Media Week. .

Lulea Media Week Video Chat

Norrbotten Media Week Panel in Lulea, Sweden speaking with artist at in The House of Songs in Austin, TX.








Kim ended her evening with a lovely dinner with the Norrbotten Media Week organizers. Kim enjoyed a traditional Semla and a Swedish delicacy, reindeer heart. Kim enjoyed Sweden immensely. The thing she noticed most from her time there is how supportive Swedes are of their fellow citizens. This bond between countrymen is what makes Swedish communities thrive and the country flourish.

We would sincerely like to thank the organizers of Norrbotten Media Week for inviting Kim on this unforgettable adventure. Kim can’t wait to go back!

Kim + Swedes


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