The Cool Stylings of the ICE Concert Hall

Ice Concert 2On Day Two of Kim’s Swedish adventure, she visited the famous ICE Concert Hall. This magical experience was created by Tim and Birgitta Linhart, Ice House founders and managers, who happen to be a husband and wife team. Tim is originally from New Mexico and sculpts instruments out of ice for musicians to play. The Ice House was showcased in the City of Songs first episode, highlighting the collaboration between Austin musician Charlie Saxton and Swedish musicians.

Along with violins, violas, cellos and a bass, the ice instrument lineup has included banjos, six and 12 string guitars and an ice xylophone. The instruments are sculpted in Tim Linhart’s back garden and transported to the igloo auditorium. For the show Kim saw, the guitar was created from a guitar arm given by Austinite Troy Campbell.

Ice Concert 7

According to Linhart, these ice instruments are both more beautiful and more fragile than traditional instruments. During the performance, non-warming LEDs are placed inside the instruments and shift in color, creating a unique and amazingly colorful effect. Kim enjoyed an incredible performance from Peter Fredriksson who played the Johnny Cash original “Ring of Fire.” Check back later to learn more about Kim’s presentation at the Norrbotten Media Week!


Ice Concert 1


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