Texas Capital BuildingWhy Taylor Collective?

We have been in the business of marketing, development and implementing strategy for years, and we have the track record to prove it.
As a client of Taylor Collective Solutions, you can rest easy knowing you have dynamic and experienced professionals working for you.



Taylor Collective Solutions has:

Implemented short and long term strategic marketing and development plans for rapidly growing start-ups, nonprofit organizations, municipalities, PACs and political campaigns locally and nationwide.
Orchestrated events across the country including a Broadway musical, marches on the National Mall, state and national capitol rallies, numerous concerts, dinners and receptions. These events included principals such as President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda,  Members of Congress, and hundreds of celebrities.
 Elevated the profile of start-ups, nonprofit organizations and municipalities through earned and paid media campaigns.
 Worked with elected officials at all levels of government and public and private firms of every magnitude.
⇒ Spearheaded the planning and implementation of  hundreds of events in numerous U.S. cities that included activities such as panel discussions, stakeholder meetings, dinners, conventions, huge receptions, concerts, marches and rallies.
 Managed finance operations and budgets for local, statewide and nationwide campaigns and non-profits with budgets in the multi-million dollar range.
 Raised nearly $75 million for State-wide, Senatorial and House candidates since 2005 and over $100 million in 501c(4), 501c(3) and 527 contributions for our non-profit clients.
⇒ Increased the major donor and membership base of nonprofits and candidates by 50% in some cases, leading to lasting relationships with members and supporters and assuring recurring contributions.