Kim Taylor Speaks at the 2016 Norrbotten Media Week

Kim Speaking 1 On her second day in Sweden, Kim woke up bright and early to have breakfast with the mayor of Lulea and a team of professionals who are leaders in cultural arts, business development, public relations and city government. They had a traditional Swedish breakfast of a sandwich, fruit, a croissant and coffee.

After breakfast Kim was off to Norrbotten Media Week where she presented on the importance of social media in modern day American politics. She discussed how media that exists in different times has revolutionized elections and how social media is the next evolutionary step.

Kim Speaking 2The audience was very interested in the reasons that Donald Trump has become so widely successful in his campaign. Trump and Bernie Sanders both have tapped into a group of disenfranchised voters who feel that they are finally being heard. Only time will tell if this unique group will turn out for the vote.Kim received a tremendous response and exceeded her allotted time answering audience questions. Kim was extremely impressed about the amount of knowledge the Swedes had regarding American politics. The global stage is watching America closely to see who we will choose as our next president.

Kim ended the evening with a exciting performance from Lulea’s own The Magnettes. Kim and the TCS team had the privilege of seeing the Magnettes perform at the 2015 SXSW. Kim has one more full day of her Sweden Adventure and then it is back to the States. Keep in tune for updates on her final day at the Norrobotten Media Week! Magnettes


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