Kim’s Sweden Adventure Starts

IMG_9937 (1) Kim has officially landed in the Land of the Midnight Sun! She was greeted by Lulea City Council members, Amanda Karlsson of Yours Communications, and an awesome sign that read “Lulea loves Austin.”  Kim was also greeted by a light dusting of snow and 40 degree weather, something we Texans have not seen in awhile!



IMG_9936Shortly after arriving at her hotel, Kim rushed off to a welcome dinner with Norrbotten Media Week Festival organizers Oskar Norberg Lundmark, Robin Lindqvist, Ella Jonnson, Pär Soinj, and Amanda Karlsson. They shared great conversation about the presidential election to investing in the cultural arts. Kim can’t party too late tonight because she will be getting ready for her presentation tomorrow at the Festival.  Stay tuned for a rundown of her presentation during the week.

IMG_9944   IMG_9945   IMG_9943

Fun Fact! Today is Shrove Tuesday in Sweden which is similar our Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. On this day before the beginning of lent Swedes enjoy a pastry called semla.  Semla consists of a wheat bun with its top cut off, that is filled with a mix of milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream. Happy Shrove Tuesday Sweden!



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